Francisco Cobo, president of the European Demolition Association, EDA


Personally, working with Rabuso meant a surprise. It is surprising that an organization goes ahead not only of the claims of its clients, but of their own needs, before they are aware of them.

And in addition, satisfaction, given the level of quality that the Rabuso’s management reaches, and the hard work and intelligence that is perceived behind it.


Mr. Giuseppe Panseri, president of DESPE DEMOLIZIONI



I met Jose Blanco and his team the first time 7 year ago.

At the beginning he impressed me for his passion, dedication and professionality, and after 7 years he is still continuing to impressed me with the same passion, dedication and professionality.

Jose Blanco and the team of Rabuso bring a lot of new ideas tothe European Demolition Association, EDA, and they were able to create a strong connection with all the national association of Europe, which is something that nobody did before him.

We are very lucky to have José Blanco and Rabuso to guide our association.


Mr. Andreas Pocha, general manager of the German Demolition Association, DA


Working with Rabuso means working with highly efficient professionals.

Rabuso runs the secretary of European Demolition Association (EDA).

Rabuso is best informed about the worldwide demolition industry and market and about European political activities.

Rabuso shares generously these informations with all members of EDA by well edited documents or best organized and very efficient meetings or events.

It’s always a pleasure and a benefit to work with Rabuso – this applies to every single member of the Rabuso –Crew.


Jan Hermansson, editor of PDI magazine



Our publishing house has been working with Rabuso during many years and even longer with parts of the company’s management.

We have only good things to mention. Rabuso and it’s staff has many times and repetedly proven to work very professionally.

They have the knowled and are well fitted for organising large events with a great sense of delivering even more then what is expected from them.

We re happy to work with them from time to time.