Rafael García, president of ALCO and former president of ASEAMAC

I met José Blanco (RABUSO) at a meeting when ASEAMAC and ANAPAT, represented at that time by José María Marsal and myself as presidents of both associations, tried unsuccessfully at that time to group together in a supra-association in the form of a federation or confederation. The idea was to unite in a single voice most of the associations of the sector to contribute and defend our interests in all the appropriate forums, including public administrations.

From that moment on, RABUSO was in charge of the ASEAMAC Secretariat and those were neither comfortable nor easy times. It was RABUSO and its professionals who, from a very low starting point for ASEAMAC, managed with their PROFESSIONALISM and the HUMAN QUALITY of their staff, to take ASEAMAC to the successful moment it has today as an association.

Whenever and wherever I have had the opportunity, I have highlighted these virtues, which are the virtues of RABUSO’s staff and collaborators. I have no doubt that ASEAMAC would not exist today if RABUSO had not crossed our path. My thanks for that, today and always.