Association management

An association is created with an objectives that are sharing with all its members.

By this way, if an association want work well, it is necessary to do actions to achieve its goals.

To start and to follow the actions can be different depending of its manage. There are three kinds:



An association can be manage by its own members, who selflessly and for free, collaborate and offer time to the association.

Advantages: it has a low price and a high level of knowledge about the industy by the staff who manages the association.

Disadvantages: it could have higher price because the extra recourses must be contributed by the members more involved.


Management by own staff

The model more extended in the management of association is by the contract of staff.

The association has an own team, normally a low number of people, working only in the management of the association.


Advantages: the actions are made with more specialization and regularity.

Disadvantages: its price is high because there are a staff, office and all the needed resources. That means a goog option for the association, but it should have all the resources.


External management

Because of the high number of associations and its size, companies like Rabuso are emerging following the AMC model.

These companies offers to the association spezialized staff in each work area and manage the actions that the associations can not manage by itselsf.

The external management ecould be a perssonal support or integral management being directly the Secretariat and the representation of the association.