Youtube channel of the associations


In 2005 Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley create Youtube to create a platform where video content can be shared. In less than a year, Youtube received 250 visitors daily. Currently, if you sit for a week to watch Youtube, you will only have seen what has been uploaded in 60 seconds. Is the second most visited page in the world.

But what is Youtube?

Youtube can be considered a video platform, a website, a social network, a mass media, a search engine -in fact, the second most used after Google- and even a job.

Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular medium for sharing video content; but we must not forget that it is only a medium: what matters is the quality of the content we share.

Many people often complain that YouTube changes its positioning criteria and internal policies, which is detrimental to certain videos.  But there is one formula that never fails: to create quality content that is useful to our target audience.

If there is one thing we have to thank platforms like Youtube for, it is making us see the potential that video content has to convey messages and give visibility to our brand.

Today, the video represents more than 80% of web traffic. One-third of all the time users spend online is devoted to watching videos. 60% of viewers will interact in a video publication before a text publication

What is important when creating a Youtube channel and giving good visibility to your company’s videos?

Be clear about the channel’s strategy: what message we want to convey and what kind of content we are going to create to convey it.

Once we publish content, it is important that it is well organized to facilitate our user’s navigation through the channel. Using playlists to group videos is always a good option.

In addition, it is important that the brand identity is present in the channel. To do this, it is important to use our brand logo as a profile image and design a header according to our identity. In addition, updating these elements contributes to a better SEO positioning.

In addition, it is important that the brand identity is present in the channel. To do this, it is important to use our brand logo as a profile image and design a header according to our identity. In addition, updating these elements contributes to a better SEO positioning.

When we publish a video, we must use all the tools that Youtube offers us for its positioning: thumbnails, tags, cards…

But, above all, be aware that positioning is not the only important thing, but to create content of interest to our target audience.

How to make meetings and events more attarctive?


A meeting is considered an activity that brings together a group of people at a specific time and place to achieve a common goal.

There are different types of meetings such as friendly, to reach an agreement, work, formative, informative, exchange experiences, government, among others.

If we had to say it looks like an event, we’d say the following:

  • In preparation: both have a before, during and after
  • You have to select the target audience you want to reach
  • The time of the meeting is established: when and at what time
  • The duration of it
  • A program must be sent, in case of an event, and a call, in case of a meeting.
  • The type of room where the meeting or event will take place is chosen, it can be in U format, square or theatre.
  • Both need a presenter or a moderator.
  • Follow-up should be carried out to see if the established objectives have been achieved.

But it is often very difficult to make meetings attractive no matter how interesting they become. For this reason, it is necessary to start as in live comedies, which have the following motto: “Start strong, end strong” if you use this mantra you will achieve more effective results:

  • You have to use examples or storytelling from the beginning to engage the audience.
  • Connect with all those summoned with the gaze, non-verbal communication
  • Remind everyone what the Great Mission is and where we want to go.
  • Deliver steps to follow, i.e. in case of internal meetings, each will have a function to carry out after the meeting. A good option is to have each of the participants repeat what they have to do in order to be internalized. For example, after an event launch meeting we say: Anita you must do the promotional video, Antonio you the corporate identity design and Moni you the launch.
  • You always have to recognize the successes to keep the whole team lively and eager to continue.
  • Finish by closing the meeting where it started, with an example or a story.

Once we have some advice to make the meetings more attractive, how can we get all the participants involved?

From my point of view through games and dynamics for:

  • Breaking the initial ice
  • Promote learning
  • Create a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Improve business communication
  • Enable the exchange of experiences
  • Create empathy
  • Increase cooperation

And what kind of dynamics can we do?

Dynamics to break the ice

– Dynamics of the given hands, like the one we did at the beginning of the presentation so that you can clear yourselves.

  • One by one
  • Starting from the beginning

Dynamics for crushing the head

  • Brainstorming
  • Voting systems

Opinion Given

  • This is used in events in microphone format


Attract and stand out in Digital Marketing


Consumers nowadays have more mobility and connectivity but less time to evaluate options. So, they prefer to follow the advice of their social circle (family and friends).

Due to this situation, companies have to be present in all the process (since the moment consumers see the product until the moment they decide to buy it or not) in order to get better a brand defender than a consumer.

The way that a customer takes can sum up in five A’s:

  • Attention
  • Attraction
  • Ascertainment (o inquiry)
  • Action (it includes purchase, consumption and after-sale service)
  • Apology

The last one is the most important because it means that the consumer likes the product or service and share the benefits with others.

The main point of view of the digital marketing is that brands with a human focus differ from the others in this digital age. So, brands must behave like people: accessible, attractive but vulnerable (recognizing their faults and not trying to be perfect all the time).

Bearing this in mind, brand may have the same qualities of a human being that make him a role model. For example:

  • Good physical presence: like a person does in front of a mirror, brands take care their presence, it means its logo or even their products design.
  • Intellectual level: a smart person tries to find new ways to solve problems. So, an intelligent brand must be innovative
  • Sociability: talking to potential customers and listening is essential
  • Emotional intelligence: brans has to foster good actions
  • Personality: recognize good and bad points is fundamental. A brand needs to know its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ethics: the behavior of a brand must follow its own value and even promote good ethical values

One way to attract and stand out is using content marketing: a marketing approach that consists of creating, selecting, distributing and amplifying interesting, relevant and useful content for a certain group of public to generate conversations around it.

It is important to make a distinction between advertising itself and this:

  • An advertisement contains information that the brand wants to disseminate in order to sell its products.
  • Content marketing is information that consumers want to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

The other way to bear in consumers’ minds is using WOW effect: something so unexpected and surprising that it leaves us speechless and encourages us to share that experience with others.

Brands should intentionally create WOW moments, designing a strategy that involves all members of the company and guiding the consumer from their discovery of the product or service to the apology.

The magic of the words: How to write selling contents without selling


One important part of our communication is based on the writing. With words we can reach many more people and influence them. Therefore, Marketing gives a great relevance to the copywriting to deliver a tailor-made message to its target audience in order to help them to take action. The copywriting is about to connect with your audience through the words.

How can we connect with our target audience?

Sorry but there is not a magic recipe. We need to invest time to know our customers. What they really want to get or to avoid, what is important for them and the key question, how they want to feel.

If we can get this general knowledge of our public, we will be able to motivate them to do what we (and they) want. This is the base of copywriting: “to build excitement and interest in your audience and then, give them logical reasons to justify that excitement, so they can move towards an action”.

Tips to be a magician

Let me give you some traits of good copywriters, because all of us can use them at some point in our professional or personal life:

  1. Focus on audience’s desires
  2. Language and tribe research to get closer to them
  3. Delivery something of value before they buy to establish credibility
  4. Face the fears and concerns the readers have about making a purchase
  5. Admit mistakes and share the valuable lessons learned
  6. Clear and concise message, you may have only one opportunity with the readers
  7. Consistent message and continuity of language, so readers feel secure
  8. Checklists with features and benefits to feel like customers have got the best deal
  9. Talking to the right people. Do not try to sell to customers whom the product or service is not the right fit.

Behind each decision to buy, there is an emotional process. Generally, people buy things because they give them a positive emotional satisfaction. Therefore, our contents need to address our audiences’ specific desired feeling (to be popular or part of a group, wealthy, attractive, healthy, secure, have more time or fun, …)

Ingredients for catching contents

Once understood the psychology behind our readers’ desires, let’s use some resources to make sure we catch their attention throughout the content.

  • Title and subtitle: The main hook to grab their attention and connect our content with their desires (“How to get THIS without having to do THAT”)
  • Keywords: 80% of searches are performed in the form of a question with keywords
  • Social proof: Nobody wants to be the first to buy something, so give example of previous buyers and their happiness with the result
  • Pictures and bullets points: These elements help to focus on relevant information and take their attention to clear call to action
  • Reasons to act: People are much more likely to take an action when you give them a reason to justify or feel good about doing something

Good luck with the recipe!

Figure it out yourself!


Have you ever felt frustrated by not knowing how to achieve your goals? Have you tried to organize yourself to carry out all the work but have not been able to meet your schedule?

These situations are more common than normal, but perhaps after reading this article you will find a way to organize yourself better and to achieve your goals.

You will be surprised to know that the achievement of results and goals depends exclusively on you. What will determine your improvement in planning and reaching your goals is your attitude and your perspective of reality.

Before establishing a work method that helps you achieve the goals you set, it is important to point out that your beliefs play a decisive role in the way you perceive your reality. And this, in turn, sparks emotions inside of you that lead you to act in one way or another and produce specific results. Therefore, before moving on to the action plan you need to analyze yourself so that you can see if your beliefs allow you to obtain the results you want or, on the contrary, you should change some habits or thoughts.

The important thing when establishing goals is to take into account the following points:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. What do you think you need to achieve it?
  3. What are you willing to do to achieve it?

The answers to these questions will be of great help to be clear about your goal, evaluate the resources you have and the tools you need to achieve your goal and develop the actions you have to carry out to achieve your purpose.

In addition to this, there are several work methods that can lead you to the goal. One of the most popular is the SMART method, which comprises all the characteristics that a goal must have to be well formulated and for its achievement to be feasible and realistic: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Whatever your goal and your work method are, face the challenge always with a positive attitude, focusing on what you will achieve instead of the obstacles. Forget the word ‘impossible’ and the verb ‘to try’, just look forward and move forward in your schedule. Keep in mind that you will not see results from one day to the next. You need to be patient and have confidence in yourself.

In short, be a decisive person, make your own decisions, do not be afraid of changes, let frustration aside… figure it out yourself!

Giving voice to the protagonists


A video interview is a powerful communication tool that allows us to voice and personalize, either individually or as an entity, the messages we want to transmit.

A good interview can bring us an infinite number of benefits, such as prestige, visibility, positioning, promotion, customer acquisition, professionalization, dissemination and diffusion of our activities.

But what elements influence the achievement of a good result?

Interview comes from the Latin term “intervidere”, which means “to see each other” and can be defined as a conversation between two or more people with a specific purpose. Therefore, an interview always involves a relationship between two people. And this relationship is the key to a good result.

Of course, to a large extent, an interview depends on the control and handling of the technical elements. An attractive composition, a clean sound and a voice with presence and well recorded, a correct lighting and an aesthetically and spatially adequate location are fundamental elements to be able to attract and maintain the attention of the spectator. Without them, we will never get a good interview.

However, in the face of what some may think, the handling and control of the technical elements is only a small part of their success.

Knowing the interviewee well and the subject of the interview, adapting the questionnaire to the person we interviewed and his or her state of mind and, above all, making sure he or she is calm, forgets about the cameras and trusts us enough to have a simple and fresh conversation are the keys to an interesting interview that will attract our target audience.