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Do you like what we do at Rabuso? Do you want to be part of our team?

If you are interested in working with us, you have come to the right page of our website.

Here we explain how you can join our team, by contract or internship, and how to collaborate with us if you already have your own project underway, as a freelancer or company.


What do we do?

Before you continue reading about job offers, internships or direct collaboration with us, you may be interested to know what we do:



We offer the possibility of doing an internship with us.

Internships at RABUSO are paid and recruitment-oriented: if you bring us value, we will invite you to join the team.

Very important! If you wish to apply for an internship with us, BEFORE applying, please confirm with your training centre that you are authorised to do at least 600 hours or 6 months.

» General terms for internships at RABUSO



If you already have your project underway, as a freelancer or as a company, and your work is related to what we do, you can make us a proposal to collaborate.

You can send your proposal using the form below.


Your proposal

If you have a proposal to work or collaborate with us, you can use the following form.

Attention! For all job and internship offers published on this page, please follow the specific instructions for each offer.