Principles and goals


Rabuso is a client-oriented service company.

Each company has a specific methodology, some associations focus more on the legal part or on the events part. However, from Rabuso, our main offer, as a company specialized in association management, is to work on business development.

In helping specialized companies that are members of associations to develop their business, to increase their impact, the importance of the guild to which they belong and to be closer to their end customer.

We have a horizontal organization as our team is integrated and each person participates in projects according to their level of specialization.

We believe in associative work and in the real possibility it offers to change the world. That is why we get involved in the associations in which we work from a 360º perspective.



Our goal is to be the lever that helps the associations we work with, either through representation or assistance models, to develop their entity.

As a company we want to be a reference in what we do, creating a network with other professionals and institutions related to the sector such as the media, public administration,…