Primitivo Fajardo, director of OP MACHINERY

“What’s the point of doing something if it doesn’t count?” asks Rabuso on his website. The answer is noted below: “For nothing”. Indeed. Bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín had affairs with actress Ava Gardner. Legend has it that the first time they fulfilled their desire for the town hall, the bullfighter left the bed in a hurry and the lady asked him where he was going. “To tell the tale!” was the response of the famous bullfighter, transfigured by the success of his performance into a clever communicator. What would have been the point of courting the diva if no one knew about it?

Communication is the basis of any business strategy and the success of a message, a product or a service in the market depends on it.

But for the desired result to be achieved, it requires qualified professionals who know how to scan with their technique the precise horizon and reach the target with the appropriate and measured rocketry.

Rabuso is a firm dedicated mainly to business communication, which also performs all kinds of services to companies and associations. Some of them enjoy its competence and have placed their communication plans, their external activity and their staging in its hands and in its accredited good work.

Rabuso is a trustworthy brand and is formed by willing professionals and excellent workers, captained by the well-oiled brain grooves of its guru, José Blanco, and has the necessary means and more than enough desire to ensure that the companies, groups and associations under its tutelage, which are immersed in the search for the defense of their common interests, succeed along the way.

He has demonstrated this in recent years on many fronts with his determination, his effort and his vitalist drive, which has made the forums, exhibitions and congresses he has organized for a number of important associations profitable, productive and competitive.