Governance and strategy

This are the services we provide in this area:

Strategic planning

We help you to carry out the analysis, design and implementation of strategic plans to achieve your goals and the general coordination of activities in the short, medium and long term.


Government affairs

Establishing relationships and reaching agreements with the Public Administrations and standarization organization relevant to your association.




Preparation, attendance and moderation of meetings for governing bodies. We can also advice the representative positions (President, Treasurer, Secretary,…) of the association for the development of their functions.



Institutional relations

We help the association to look for synergies and to communicate legitimate interests to the Public Administrations and, in particular, to the regulatory bodies.




We coordinate the implementation of the association strategy, leading its projects and initiatives, reporting directly to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.



Consultancy and advice

We contribute our knowledge and experience to the resolution of specific incidents of your association. We advise you in the development of everything related to the associative operation (legal, fiscal, documentary, …).