Work areas

Events and activities

This are the services we provide in this area:


Assembly and Boards of Directors

Assistance in the preparation, coordination and organization of all kinds of governance meetings, face-to-face or by video conference.




Organization and coordination of video-seminars and on-line working sessions on technical or informative topics. Wide range of resources for the management of on-line sessions.



Conferences and informative courses

Design, coordination, dissemination and comprehensive management of technical conferences and informative courses. All the way from the preparation, management registrations or speakers, to the moderation of sessions.



Travel and exchanges

Coordination of study tours, international delegations and exchange initiatives with other countries. Extensive experience in numerous delegations, incentives, sponsored or purely institutional.



Forums and congresses

Preparation and realization of technical, informative or commercial events, for the promotion of your association and your topics of interest. From the preparation of the requirements to the full management of the event.



Fairs and large events

Management of the presence in specialized fairs (organization, stand, posters, materials, …) and coordination of exchanges with organizers. Organization of trade fairs or exhibitions for your association.