Survival guide to use Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an online web tool that allows us to ask questions, surveys and games to an audience. The application allows you to launch different participation formats for the audience. It also allows them to play games and interact with the tool and the speaker.

To use Mentimeter, we must first access our account by entering the following URL: and click on the “Log in” button on the top right and log in with our username and password.

The steps to follow to create a presentation and the questions are as follows:

1. Click on “New Presentation”.
2. Enter the name of the presentation and click on “Create Presentation”.
3. Click on the option “Select Answer”.
4. Create the question for the online game.

After logging in with our account created in Mentimeter, we can start creating our own questions to play online, for this we have a wide range of options to choose from

  • Multiple Choice
  • Word Cloud
  • Open ended
  • Scales
  • Ranking
  • Q&A

5. Once we have finished adding the question for the poll, we will show the presentation by clicking on the “Present” button.

6. This new screen will appear with the random code. It is very important that we take note of this code as we will use it in the following steps so that our audience can start playing.

7. Then, we will have to tell our audience the steps to follow so that they can enter from their mobile device.

8. The attendee will have to enter with their mobile device and enter their name and click on “Join quiz”.

9. Now, as a moderator or speaker, the number of audience members connecting on their devices will appear in the lower right corner of our computer screen.

10. When we are sure that all the audience has logged in with the code on their mobile devices and are waiting, then we will press the ENTER button to start.

11. The audience will get a screen like this on their device to start playing, and they should just click on the answer options that appear per question.

12. Finally the moderator or speaker will see the result, and it will show you the answer of our audience including correct and incorrect answers.

13. In case we need to get the name of the winner of the quiz game, click on the quadrant called “EVALUATION” and it will show us the winner.

Some tips on how to make your presentation more interactive

1. Start with a question that breaks the ice and makes you connect with your audience.
2. Introduce questions that generate discussion.
3. Test your audience with a quiz.
4. Introduce a final, thought-provoking question.