How to manage the daily operative of a professional or business association?

The management of the daily operative, in this case, of a professional or business association, is fundamental for its correct functioning.

So, what should be taken into account when managing the daily operations?

The management of an association involves many areas and services that must be monitored on a daily basis in order to help members. Not all supports are the same, as the needs can be very diverse.

On some occasions, support can be given to colleagues from the association itself who have projects underway such as the production of publications, organization of events, ….. However, in most of the occasions the help is directed to the members themselves.

At Rabuso, we offer this service both nationally and internationally.

However, at the national level, we have other services such as legal support or specialized advice. At international level, it is not possible to carry out this type of support due to the impossibility of knowing the different regulations that apply in each country.

  • One of the most valued and most appreciated services by our members is the specialized advice as a tool for answering doubts and reorientation. These consultations can be on a wide variety of topics such as insurance, contracting, fines, machinery theft, special taxes or labor issues.


  • In addition, within the specialized advice Rabuso offers support in business development. This management has two fundamental parts that must be taken into account:

The first part would be the business development among associates encouraging collaboration and creating moments and meeting points for it.

On the other hand, we also receive and manage external consultations of different types from city councils, administrations, prescribers, architects, engineers, …..  Although this is a smaller percentage of queries, it is a very appreciated service by the associates as it allows them to position themselves.

From our point of view, member service is critical and important. The way of solving or advising the client creates a perception that will favor their loyalty.

  • On the other hand, within the daily operations we can find the management of the payments, the update of the accounting, receive and manage the invoices of different suppliers, have the books of members, of documentation, the book of minutes up to date. In short, to control and carry out the correct documentary management of the official books of an association.

It is essential to control the association’s financial and structural resources and to be able to take quick action in the event of any unexpected situation.

  • The support to the Board of Directors is another of the functions that is part of the daily operations of the association, a fundamental management by involving the members of the same.


  • Another of the services we manage and offer is the remote office. In many occasions the contracting of this service is complemented with other representation services such as secretarial services, telephony, internet and hosting.

For the associate it implies a meeting point where to go, call or write to consult any doubt to which your association and the team of the Secretariat will try to give answer.