This are the services we provide in this area:


Member service

Personalized attention to members and the target public of your association, both by telephone and in person. Immediate management and registration of requests.



Accreditation and certification

Preparation and implementation of accreditation protocols which add value to the activity of the association. Integral management of periodic certifications and coordination of references with external bodies.



Comprehensive document management of your association: preparation, presentation and archive of all the official books. Processing of complaints, incidents, writings and binding consultations to public bodies.




Preparation of budgets, banking management, payment claims, review of treasury statement, presentation of the accounts to the official bodies, managemetn of receipts/invoices and much more.



Remote office

Registered office and/or tax address for your association in multiple locations. Hosting visits and handling post mail. Access to meeting rooms and communication platforms.



Tangible and services

Coordination and negotiation of services, discounts and other direct benefits aimed at your association’s members.