Rocío Blanco Grande


Languages: Spanish, Galician, knowledge of English and Portuguese.

In general, I love dealing with people,
being passionate about the projects we lead,
enjoying family/friends and the little things that make life great.

Hello!I am Rocío Blanco.
I am a woman, a mother, a restless and enterprising Galician woman who tries to honour her roots, our parents, true fighters, a reference in all aspects.
The life experience I carry in my backpack has strengthened me and has contributed to define my professional side, fundamentally, in three aspects:

  • Knowing how to listen and take advantage of the opportunities of good active listening.
  • Customer orientation (both external and internal) and people monitoring.
  • Resolute/proactive profile

My academic training has been mainly linked to the legal side and the world of Law, with a later specialisation in International Relations and Foreign Trade, which I have complemented with different courses (management and business management, career guidance, various courses on learning professional tools and business uses, commercial training, people leadership, association management, etc.).
I started my professional career at the age of 22 in a law firm, specialising mainly in labour, civil and commercial matters, and I continued this experience by joining the banking sector.
In 2006, I changed not only my autonomous community, but also my sector and professional field. A vital change and the beginning of a new stage together with my brother and travelling companion, Jose Blanco. At that time we launched a project with its own name that today is a consolidated and growing reality: RABUSO.
We have learnt so much and from so many aspects along the way!
My passion, apart from the commitment to our work, lies in what was communicated in the first phase of this presentation: family and friends.
I love reading, travelling (especially by motorhome), living different experiences and observing everything around me, listening to the people who walk beside me and those I meet.

In the company, my main function is to manage the different resources of the company, to make the daily clock of the company work and to make the hands of the clock roll in the intended direction, monitoring all the gears (and if any piece fails, to provide solutions so that everything continues to run smoothly).
And at the same time, monitoring all the national associations not only so that they function but also so that they grow, so that they become a benchmark in their sector and help their members to develop their business.
To carry out the above, in addition to the desire and concern for constant improvement, we have a team full of talent that helps us to move forward.