Laura Igeño

On – line content 

Languages: Spanish and English

Don’t live to work, work to live is my mantra

My name is Laura Igeño. I was born in Madrid, although I always thought I should have been born in the United States or Australia, for example.

I am a non-conformist and restless person, that’s why, although everyone thought I was going to study teaching, I graduated with a double degree in journalism and audiovisual communication. Although none of the careers were in my plans, I discovered the immense world of the audiovisual directing my life in a new direction.

In order not to lose the habit, I kept trying new work experiences from programming television content, directing the sound department in a production company, or even managing the communication of big brands. And to fulfill several of my dreams, I ended up working for the mouse at Walt Disney World (Orlando) for almost a year.

Currently at Rabuso I manage the content, publications and operation of our associations’ websites, as well as our own.

Regarding languages, I speak, write and understand both English and Spanish.