The magic of the words: How to write selling contents without selling


One important part of our communication is based on the writing. With words we can reach many more people and influence them. Therefore, Marketing gives a great relevance to the copywriting to deliver a tailor-made message to its target audience in order to help them to take action. The copywriting is about to connect with your audience through the words.

How can we connect with our target audience?

Sorry but there is not a magic recipe. We need to invest time to know our customers. What they really want to get or to avoid, what is important for them and the key question, how they want to feel.

If we can get this general knowledge of our public, we will be able to motivate them to do what we (and they) want. This is the base of copywriting: “to build excitement and interest in your audience and then, give them logical reasons to justify that excitement, so they can move towards an action”.

Tips to be a magician

Let me give you some traits of good copywriters, because all of us can use them at some point in our professional or personal life:

  1. Focus on audience’s desires
  2. Language and tribe research to get closer to them
  3. Delivery something of value before they buy to establish credibility
  4. Face the fears and concerns the readers have about making a purchase
  5. Admit mistakes and share the valuable lessons learned
  6. Clear and concise message, you may have only one opportunity with the readers
  7. Consistent message and continuity of language, so readers feel secure
  8. Checklists with features and benefits to feel like customers have got the best deal
  9. Talking to the right people. Do not try to sell to customers whom the product or service is not the right fit.

Behind each decision to buy, there is an emotional process. Generally, people buy things because they give them a positive emotional satisfaction. Therefore, our contents need to address our audiences’ specific desired feeling (to be popular or part of a group, wealthy, attractive, healthy, secure, have more time or fun, …)

Ingredients for catching contents

Once understood the psychology behind our readers’ desires, let’s use some resources to make sure we catch their attention throughout the content.

  • Title and subtitle: The main hook to grab their attention and connect our content with their desires (“How to get THIS without having to do THAT”)
  • Keywords: 80% of searches are performed in the form of a question with keywords
  • Social proof: Nobody wants to be the first to buy something, so give example of previous buyers and their happiness with the result
  • Pictures and bullets points: These elements help to focus on relevant information and take their attention to clear call to action
  • Reasons to act: People are much more likely to take an action when you give them a reason to justify or feel good about doing something

Good luck with the recipe!