Marketing opportunities and sponsorships in events


The aim of this article is to analyze what are marketing opportunities in events, how to develop sponsorship packages, how to communicate them and finally propose aspects of improvement. Although there are many type of sponsorships in events, the following article will focus on MICE events (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions).

  • What are marketing opportunities in events?

They are strategies carried out to promote a product or service and, therefore, add brand recognition to the sponsor.

To organize an event, financial support is needed. For this reason, sponsors are crucial to develop them.

A study carried out last year, showed that MICE events are the second factor where companies in Spain decided to invest. This means that events are considered one of the best ways of promotion for brands.

But… what can we offer as event managers to sponsors?

  1. Visibility
  2. Relationship creation and direct contact with potential clients
  3. Differentiation among other competitors
  • How to design sponsorship packages?

First, the following factors must be considered before designing the package: aim of the event, target audience, needs of the sponsors and creating a dossier.

Designing the sponsorship package includes:

  1. Designing categories: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.
  2. Establishing the number of packages to be launched.
  3. What benefits we will include in every package.
  4. Promotion.
  • Communicating and promoting our packages

This step consists of contacting sponsors that have previously collaborated with us in other editions of the event, analyzing our competitors to seek for new sponsors, create communication campaigns in social media and mailings of the organizing company and notify new sponsorships.

  • What are we doing correctly?

We create basic packages with exclusive offers (such as a discount if contracting the sponsorship for the event and the annuary jointly), we have loyal sponsors who collaborate with us in all the editions, we make attractive catalogues with marketing opportunities, our forms of inscription are quick and easy to use and, we give the sponsors the option to contract extras such as lanyards, item in bag or Gala dinner.

  • Aspects of improvement
  1. Pre-event: develop a more attractive website with more audiovisual content.
  2. During the event: create attractive content for social media locating interactive photobooths, creating a new extra sponsorship (Wi-Fi sponsor) or locating charging points nearby the stands of the sponsors.