How to make meetings and events more attarctive?


A meeting is considered an activity that brings together a group of people at a specific time and place to achieve a common goal.

There are different types of meetings such as friendly, to reach an agreement, work, formative, informative, exchange experiences, government, among others.

If we had to say it looks like an event, we’d say the following:

  • In preparation: both have a before, during and after
  • You have to select the target audience you want to reach
  • The time of the meeting is established: when and at what time
  • The duration of it
  • A program must be sent, in case of an event, and a call, in case of a meeting.
  • The type of room where the meeting or event will take place is chosen, it can be in U format, square or theatre.
  • Both need a presenter or a moderator.
  • Follow-up should be carried out to see if the established objectives have been achieved.

But it is often very difficult to make meetings attractive no matter how interesting they become. For this reason, it is necessary to start as in live comedies, which have the following motto: “Start strong, end strong” if you use this mantra you will achieve more effective results:

  • You have to use examples or storytelling from the beginning to engage the audience.
  • Connect with all those summoned with the gaze, non-verbal communication
  • Remind everyone what the Great Mission is and where we want to go.
  • Deliver steps to follow, i.e. in case of internal meetings, each will have a function to carry out after the meeting. A good option is to have each of the participants repeat what they have to do in order to be internalized. For example, after an event launch meeting we say: Anita you must do the promotional video, Antonio you the corporate identity design and Moni you the launch.
  • You always have to recognize the successes to keep the whole team lively and eager to continue.
  • Finish by closing the meeting where it started, with an example or a story.

Once we have some advice to make the meetings more attractive, how can we get all the participants involved?

From my point of view through games and dynamics for:

  • Breaking the initial ice
  • Promote learning
  • Create a more relaxed atmosphere
  • Improve business communication
  • Enable the exchange of experiences
  • Create empathy
  • Increase cooperation

And what kind of dynamics can we do?

Dynamics to break the ice

– Dynamics of the given hands, like the one we did at the beginning of the presentation so that you can clear yourselves.

  • One by one
  • Starting from the beginning

Dynamics for crushing the head

  • Brainstorming
  • Voting systems

Opinion Given

  • This is used in events in microphone format