Attracting Attendees

Events are part of everyday business life. Depending on the format, they may bring together members of an association, celebrate the anniversary of an important date or bring together people from the same sector. Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common: it is an event that brings people together for a particular purpose.

But, what is it that attracts the attendee to an event?

Before embarking on the adventure of the event, several questions cross the attendee’s mind: why should I attend the event? What is the value proposition of the event? What benefits will I get?

All these questions will be influenced by a series of elements that we must take into account when organising our event.

The attendee may not have heard about your event, the value proposition may not fit their needs or they may even wonder if their time and money will be well invested if they attend our event.

Knowing which are the weak points that make the attendee doubt, we must internally reinforce our strong points to reach them in an efficient way:

  • It is crucial to know who our target audience is and to design the event accordingly.
  • We must know how to listen to the needs of our audience.
  • Creating a community around the event makes the attendee feel part of something bigger and makes him or her feel proud to be part of your event.
  • The attendee should see the image and identity of the company reflected through the event.
  • The communication strategy will be our roadmap to make the event a success. Remember that an event is a tactic within the company’s marketing strategy.

Once we have analysed the previous points, let’s see what qualities of the event can attract the attendee and make them attend our event without any doubt.

  • The date and location
  • The accessibility of the venue
  • Professional programme
  • Extra activities
  • Surprise factor
  • Value proposition

Taking these elements into account and taking care of the details, everything will run smoothly!

Events are part of our calendar, part of our daily lives, they tell a bit of who we are, so make your brand event part of your client’s story!