Giving voice to the protagonists

A video interview is a powerful communication tool that allows us to voice and personalize, either individually or as an entity, the messages we want to transmit.

A good interview can bring us an infinite number of benefits, such as prestige, visibility, positioning, promotion, customer acquisition, professionalization, dissemination and diffusion of our activities.

But what elements influence the achievement of a good result?

Interview comes from the Latin term “intervidere”, which means “to see each other” and can be defined as a conversation between two or more people with a specific purpose. Therefore, an interview always involves a relationship between two people. And this relationship is the key to a good result.

Of course, to a large extent, an interview depends on the control and handling of the technical elements. An attractive composition, a clean sound and a voice with presence and well recorded, a correct lighting and an aesthetically and spatially adequate location are fundamental elements to be able to attract and maintain the attention of the spectator. Without them, we will never get a good interview.

However, in the face of what some may think, the handling and control of the technical elements is only a small part of their success.

Knowing the interviewee well and the subject of the interview, adapting the questionnaire to the person we interviewed and his or her state of mind and, above all, making sure he or she is calm, forgets about the cameras and trusts us enough to have a simple and fresh conversation are the keys to an interesting interview that will attract our target audience.