ASEAMAC’s Guide to Scaffolding, Mobile Towers and Ladder Systems Rental is now here

The Association of machinery and equipment rental, ASEAMAC, launches the Guide on rental of scaffolding, mobile towers and ladder systems. A publication that will be presented in a free webinar to be held on February 4.

This guide was born from the need to highlight the importance of temporary systems on site and to explain to renters and their customers, in a practical and simple way, how to manage the rental of scaffolding, how to use it and what regulations apply.

Thus, it seeks to connect the various agents involved, from the sale of the scaffolding from the supplier company to the rental company, until the rental company provides it to the client.

The Guide on the rental of scaffolding, mobile towers and ladder systems, intended mainly for all rental companies that have machines for rental to the end user, unifies and disseminates the language related to temporary systems. It also provides a practical tool for this target audience when planning the work related to these systems.

This publication is now available for online consultation or purchase of physical copies. For more information about it, click here.