AEDED Webinar: Preparation, removal and management of friable asbestos


Given the current situation, created by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), AEDED has launched several initiatives to further develop the outreach activities of the association, such as the launch of a series of informative webinars on specific topics.

The webinars are small training sessions (around one hour) via Internet, on video.

Through a specific platform, webinar participants can watch the presentation and follow the speaker’s explanations. In addition, at the end of each session, users can interact through a chat and ask their own questions to the speaker.


The topics to be covered during the webinar are as follows:

Part 1: Introduction

Welcome and presentation
What is AEDED and why is this webinar organized?

Part 2: Preparation, removal and management of friable asbestos

What is friable asbestos?
What is asbestos removal?
What are the steps in the asbestos removal process?
How should asbestos be removed?
How is asbestos managed after decontamination?

Part 3: Case studies

Part 4: Questions and comments from participants