Attract and stand out in Digital Marketing


Consumers nowadays have more mobility and connectivity but less time to evaluate options. So, they prefer to follow the advice of their social circle (family and friends).

Due to this situation, companies have to be present in all the process (since the moment consumers see the product until the moment they decide to buy it or not) in order to get better a brand defender than a consumer.

The way that a customer takes can sum up in five A’s:

  • Attention
  • Attraction
  • Ascertainment (o inquiry)
  • Action (it includes purchase, consumption and after-sale service)
  • Apology

The last one is the most important because it means that the consumer likes the product or service and share the benefits with others.

The main point of view of the digital marketing is that brands with a human focus differ from the others in this digital age. So, brands must behave like people: accessible, attractive but vulnerable (recognizing their faults and not trying to be perfect all the time).

Bearing this in mind, brand may have the same qualities of a human being that make him a role model. For example:

  • Good physical presence: like a person does in front of a mirror, brands take care their presence, it means its logo or even their products design.
  • Intellectual level: a smart person tries to find new ways to solve problems. So, an intelligent brand must be innovative
  • Sociability: talking to potential customers and listening is essential
  • Emotional intelligence: brans has to foster good actions
  • Personality: recognize good and bad points is fundamental. A brand needs to know its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ethics: the behavior of a brand must follow its own value and even promote good ethical values

One way to attract and stand out is using content marketing: a marketing approach that consists of creating, selecting, distributing and amplifying interesting, relevant and useful content for a certain group of public to generate conversations around it.

It is important to make a distinction between advertising itself and this:

  • An advertisement contains information that the brand wants to disseminate in order to sell its products.
  • Content marketing is information that consumers want to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

The other way to bear in consumers’ minds is using WOW effect: something so unexpected and surprising that it leaves us speechless and encourages us to share that experience with others.

Brands should intentionally create WOW moments, designing a strategy that involves all members of the company and guiding the consumer from their discovery of the product or service to the apology.